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CEO & founder Ella, is a young Social media influencer and entrepreneur born and raised in the Bronx. With over 600 thousand followers on Instagram and Snapchat and growing. Ella has been growing her following on Facebook since 2012 after grabbing audience’s attention with her fashion sense.

She has always had a passion for anything beauty and fashion related. In 2015, she started her own Eyelash company called Slay by Ella Lash Co after discovering the strong need for affordable, high quality lashes.

A must-have makeup accessory for captivating eyes – Slay by Ella lashes are handcrafted from the highest quality human hair and offers a range of styles for every eye shape and size.
Ella has big plans to not only expand her social media influence and business nationally but also globally.

On this website you will find beautiful lashes- from natural, easy to apply styles for all eye types, to bold and dramatic strip lashes for glam girls- something for everyone! We want all women to feel beautiful, confident and ready to take on the world, sometimes all that it takes is the right set of lashes.


Why Slay By Ella?

Because we encourage going back to the basics- looking someone in the eyes and making it count. Be a Flirt, be Irresistible –  be whoever you want to be that day- Let your eyes do the talking! Have fun with it and don’t forget to share your style with us on our instagram page @slaybyellaco.

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